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Stainless Parts
Throttle Body Plate
Stainless Brake Pad Cover
Exhaust Plate
Stainless Transmission Cradle and Lower Control Arm Covers
Sure the outside of the Vette looks good, but look under the back at all that raw unfinished aluminium. Our 3 piece stainless kit attaches under the sway bar mounts for a rattle free installation. The view from behind is way cool, when the suspension is moving up and down the covers highlight the movement. Even better at night!
Dress up the gray space between the tailpipes with our stainless exhaust plate, extra large with a rolled lower edge to cover the most area.
You have great looking wheels and tires but dull looking brakes, add some spark with our stainless brake pad covers.
Add a little flash to your throttle body with our mirror finish stainless plate.