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National Corvette Day

In 2008, the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution that June 30th would annually be known as “National Corvette Day.” Below is an excerpt from the resolution. “H. Res. 970 In the House of Representatives, U. S., June 26, 2008. Whereas the...

2017 ZO6 Corvette

Tony's C7 2017 ZO6 Corvette is wrapping up and with the new Comp Cam and Springs added to the Long Tube Headers, Modified Supercharger, and a few other goodies.....she is a force to be reckoned with!!  

71 Caprice

We are wrapping up on Joe's 71 Caprice! Joe was previously experiencing some over heating issues that we were able to resolve by adding a new Edelbrock Carb, as well as 4 Core Radiator with dual electric fans and electronic controls. We then full tuned this baby. We...

BIG WHEELS Sponsorship

H.P. Performance is back to being a BIG WHEEL Sponsor at the Mundelein Park on Park cruise nights. This is a huge show that happens once a month for the entire summer. They get over 650 pre 1977 cars at this every event! I cant wait to take the El Camino! Be sure to...

1971 Dodge Charger

1971 Dodge Charger 500 Sat for 3 years with out running at all. Serviced, tuned up, and complete dial in. Painted heat extractor on hood. Drained all fuels and liquids Replenished and Serviced it fired right up and now runs great and looks great too!

Blown Up 2003 Corvette ZO6 Rebuild

We also just finished a 2003 Corvette ZO6 that the customer had the misfortune of blowing up at a racetrack.   We removed the entire drivetrain and built him a nice rebuilt ZO6 engine with a Comp Cam and Springs. We also installed a new clutch with remote bleeder for...

’66 Corvette Ragtop

As if this '66 Corvette Ragtop wasn't fierce enough we now ensured it sounds as good as it looks. We recently installed a killer new soundsystem; a Retro Sound bluetooth stereo deck. Check it out! If you want new a new sound system, more muscle or any other upgrades...

2018 Cadillac Escalade

Just finished our latest project for Joe, by installing a killer Magnuson Supercharger TVS2300 and American Racing long tube header system in his 2018 Cadillac Escalade. This baby is now packing a whoping 519 ft lbs. Torque and 485 HP at the all wheel drive wheels!...

Matt’s New Supercharged Grand Sport

Don't get in Matt's way now that he has a brand new Corvette LS3 Supercharger in is Grand Sport. This car was a dream to work on. We hope Matt enjoys all the new horsepower!!!

Skip’s Grand Sport

We really enjoyed working on Skip's Grand Sport. This car had been through A LOT. As noted in a previous post, we had our work cut out for us with cleaning up the sloppy craftsmanship from another shop. We were able to give Skip's ride new custom heads, a...

Ford Hot Rod

XXL H2 is right! This monster is completely custom and stacked for performance. We took this beautiful Hummer H2 and lifted it with big suspension, added all new shocks with reservoirs,  grill guards and skid shields. Under the hood you will find a custom...

Jeep Cherokee

This Jeep SRT8 now owns the road with a brand new Magnuson Supercharger, Long Tube headers, exhaust and other bad ass performance upgrades.

The H. P Performance Difference

We offer something that no other shop in the Midwest offers…that is friendship. We are home to the “Mancave” a place where allour customers meet on a weekly basis to visit, compare builds,and ideas, or to simply relax. Come on in and have a hot cup of coffee and a donut…. Take a seat and relax….Make some new friends and rekindle old relationships.